Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide and spread quality genetics to all who look to improve their herd. We focus on size, girth, hardiness, and color.

We look to provide ”self sufficient” stock that can thrive on forage and birth with out assistance.

We look to provide quality genetics that produce fast growing, forage based, and high average daily gains to get your off spring to market as quick as possible. Our genetics have been sourced from all over California insuring we continue to locally provide the best sourced goats around.

Our History

As a family owned business located in Monterey County California, we started off raising unregistered Boer Goat crosses and over the years transitioned to Registered Boers focusing on top quality genetics from all over California while focusing on selective breeding does and sires that fit our mission statement.

Once available, we look to expand our acreage and follow the same process with Registered Black Angus Cattle.

Contact Us

Bradley , CA 93426